Coach and Referee Education

Welcome players, coaches and referees to RugbySmart - your home base when it comes to rugby injury prevention and peak performance. RugbySmart was developed jointly by New Zealand Rugby and ACC. It's all about lifting team performance by ensuring players are physically and technically at their peak before they put their bodies on the line.

RugbySmart is based around ACC SportSmart, the 9-point action plan for sports injury prevention. It's a comprehensive approach that is about keeping players where coaches and supporters want them: on the field, contributing to a winning team effort. 

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An introduction to rugby injury prevention and player peak performance for coaches...

It's about lifting performance

Scott McLeod Tackle

Scott McLeod with coaching education in a series of videos detailing the correct...

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Dave Perrin with Front Rows

Dave Perrin with coaching education in a series of videos detailing correct...

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Concussion Blue Card

The Blue Card for Concussion is a tool for referees to use to remove players...

Blue Card Concussion Initiative

Player Profile

Player profiling gives a coach biographical details on a player (contacts, injuries,...

The process of assessing players

Technique with Ian Snook

Coaching the correct techniques for the tackle, after the tackle, scrums and...

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How a coach can check that the players have a safe environment for rugby

Surfaces, equipment and weather

Hydration, Nutrition

Maintaining ideal hydration and nutrition levels requires attention before,...

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Fair Play

Discipline is one of the qualities a coach can instil in players

What does fair play mean?

Injuries in Rugby

RugbySmart is the most successful injury prevention programme run by any sport...

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