The Scrum


The scrum is an important means of restarting play and gaining control of a game. Using correct technique will not only reduce the chance of injuries, but will ensure teams can compete safely in this crucial area of the game. The key points of scrummaging that all coaches, players and referees should know instinctively are:

How to Build a Front Row

(Use Scrum Machine)


Referee will call "BIND"

The "SET" call

Referee's Control

The players must listen to the referee at all times as they are in control of the scrum engagement.


If for any reason the player is not confident with the situation they must not engage with the opposition, and yell out, "Not ready Ref".


  1. Safe technique is the most effective technique.
  2. You must have a positive attitude and a strong frame of mind for all scrummaging.
  3. Warm up and build progressively to allow the player to gain confidence.
  4. Key factors for engagement.

Referees will want to speak to your front row players and halfback before the game to discuss the engagement process, and to ensure all front row forwards are of sufficient experience and strength for the grade of game being played.