Injury rehabilitation


In this phase the player should be building up muscle strength around the injured area, working towards getting the full movement back in the joint, getting their balance back and keeping fit through activities like swimming and cycling.

Once they are ready they need to gradually build in light rugby-specific skills and drills, extending themselves at training only as much as the injury allows.

The player needs support to:
  • Restore strength.
  • Restore range of motion.
  • Restore co-ordination and control.
  • Restore balance.
  • Maintain fitness.
  • Build confidence.
  • Restore their rugby-specific ability.

Returning To Play

This is when the coach, doctor or physiotherapist puts a player through a set of tests to see if they are ready to get back out on the field.

These tests should be a combination of those you used for the fitness tests at the start of the season and rugby skills and moves that the player will have to make during a game – like side stepping and tackling.

You can use the Player Profiling information you recorded earlier in the year to see whether a player is ready to return to play based on a comparison of performance.

Remember – if players continue playing with an injury they increase the chance of a further, more severe injury.