New Zealand Rugby want to help provide a positive environment for everyone to enjoy rugby.  Applaud is a New Zealand Rugby initiative to encourage supporters to be good sports at schools and clubs, while also seeking to stamp out anti-social sideline behaviour.


We all face challenges in our lives. Headfirst helps rugby players and those involved in the game cope with tough times and manage their mental fitness.  Check out Headfirst. It can help players, coaches, support staff and families in the rugby community to support their own wellbeing and that of others.


One of the great things rugby teaches people is discipline. It's one of the qualities a coach can instill in players. Don't tolerate foul play – particularly anything like dangerous tackles or thuggery. Referee abuse is unacceptable at any level of the sport.

Fair Play means:

  • Maintaining your dignity whether or not you are winning.
  • Respecting the opposition, the officials and the rules.
  • Staying calm no matter what happens.

And remember the referee is in charge at all times. If the game gets out of control, play can become reckless and dangerous. Play your part – play fair. Support referees by respecting their decisions – remember many of them are volunteers.