Player's RugbySmart

Player’s RugbySmart provides you with the skills and techniques to develop your game, prevent injuries and improve performance. Developed for all players we tackle key areas like correct techniques in tackling, nutrition and hydration for performance and how to recognise and manage all types of injuries including concussion.

Also check out the link to watch a 15 minute video from Keiran Read and Nehe Milner-Skudder, answer three questions at the end and go into the draw to win some great prizes including an All Blacks jersey.

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Prevent and Protect

Playing rugby means preparing well before the rugby season starts. Before you...

Protect your assets

Tackle Technique

Incorrect tackle technique in the contact phases of the game causes many rugby...

The best technique

Concussion and other injuries

Concussion should be suspected if one or more of this list of visible clues,...

We ALL need to know what to do


The role of nutrition in enhancing rugby performance is being increasingly appreciated...

What you should know


Allowing yourself to become dehydrated severely impairs performance by approximately...

A guide on what to drink