Prevent and Protect


Playing rugby means preparing well before the rugby season starts.

Before pre-season training, every player should have his or her health and physical condition assessed. Consider before you play:


Protect your assetsPROTECT YOUR ASSETS


Remember it is compulsory that players wear mouth guards during games — no mouth guard, no play. And don’t forget – wearing them at practices also makes a lot of sense.


Headgear must be fitted properly and securely to prevent serious cuts to the scalp and ears. Remember there is no evidence that headgear protects against concussion.




Physical preparation is an essential component of sports performance at every level. Conditioning not only enables you to play better rugby, but also reduce the risk of injuries.

The days have gone where you just turn up and play – you need to get a few miles under your belt or better still make sure the belt fits!

You need to prepare with an effective and efficient pre-season plan. A few runs before the season starts isn’t going to cut it. This means that training programs should be specifically designed for you and your different training experience.

So we've put together a great tool to help you. Simply create a plan, then configure it to suit you based on your age, existing level of conditioning, position and whether your currently in-season, off-season or pre-season.

Using this information our Fitness Planner will instantly produce a weekly workout plan.

You can create as many plans as you need and you can save them as a PDF, making them easy to use. It's free!

Just go to this link and start: