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Throughout these episodes, we will be looking into the serious issues surrounding our game – is it safe? Are we doing things right and can we do things better? And are our coaches serious about taking responsibility for their players? 

Here, we’ll be putting the spotlight on the problem areas, like tackling, and scrums, lineouts and looking at how to avoid injury by using good technique. 
We’ll be talking about concussions – it seems that everybody is these days. Public awareness is a good thing, but more importantly is recognising and treating it on the field.

Host: Jared Tuoro (JT) - NZ Rugby Regional Coach Development Manager


Warm Up

Most of us do it before games. Some of us do it before training, and some don’t...

The benefits of warming up

No1. Cause of Injury

It’s easy to see why tackling is the number one cause of injuries in rugby....

Safe and effective tackling


A lot of elements have to come together for a safe and successful scrum.

Successful scrums


Rugby has its share of physical encounters and sometimes the head's in the wrong...

Understanding concussion


It’s quite simple – you MUST wear a mouthguard when you are playing – it’s compulsory

Use them at practices too?

Soft Tissue Injury

If someone has a soft tissue injury they need to ICE it!

What does R.I.C.E.D. stand for?

Breakdown and Cleanout

Another area or real concern is the clean-out and a typical game has over 150...

Dominate this area safely