Welcome to Rugby Smart

Welcome to Rugby Smart


Welcome players, coaches and referees to RugbySmart - your home base when it comes to rugby injury prevention and peak performance. RugbySmart was developed jointly by New Zealand Rugby and ACC.

There are three objectives that underpin this programme:

  1. Injuries are prevented where possible;
  2. Treatment for injury is of a required standard to minimise the immediate impact to the individual; and
  3. Recovery is supported to ensure the best long-term outcome possible.

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The Sideline Concussion Checklist is an essential tool to use to determine signs and symptoms of concussion

How to identify a concussion


There are six specific modules of RugbySmart, designed to help you find the information you're looking for in the right place.

The six modules

First Aid In Rugby Courses

The World Rugby FAIR course is designed to upskill the rugby community in basic first aid to provide immediate care and management for injured players.

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Health Provider Engagement

This module provides the tools and decision making aids to allow health providers to manage concussion injuries more effectively.

The concussion management process

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Warm Up

Most of us do it before games. Some of us do it before training, and some don’t bother at all.

The benefits of warming up

No1. Cause of Injury

It’s easy to see why tackling is the number one cause of injuries in rugby. No tackle is ever exactly the same.

Safe and effective tackling


A lot of elements have to come together for a safe and successful scrum.

Successful scrums


Rugby has its share of physical encounters and sometimes the head's in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Understanding concussion


Watch and Win

Want to win some amazing prizes?

We want to keep everyone safe – so please watch this short video if you are a player. Not only will this give you some good advice but it may also help you look after your teammates!

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Respect and Responsibility

Respect and Responsibility

The programme is designed to uplift and inspire rugby communities by providing the skills and knowledge to foster healthy relationships both on and more importantly off the field.

The focus is on consent, sexual assault and family violence prevention, as well as by-stander interventions. Respect and Responsibility is an organisation wide programme and is for everyone not just players.

Respect and Responsibility will be rolled at the professional levels followed by communities and schools over the next two years.

Why are we doing this?