The key to great tackling is having a good balance of technique, mental strength and fitness. It is something all players can continually improve on to become better players. We have got some of the best in the business to pull together some top tips and techniques for coaches and players.

It takes a little bit of patience and practice but is worth the effort. As a bonus, players are also less likely to have time on the sideline injured and more time in the game.

The key factors for engagement are:
  • Sight target - See what you're going to hit!
  • Face up! Keep eyes open, back straight, hands in a catching position, elbows in and go forward.
  • Keep feet alive - Move feet quickly and adjust so the leading foot is close to the ball-carrier.
  • Drive - Make firm contact with the shoulder and with the head to the side.
  • Wrap - Punch arms forward and around the ball-carrier.
  • Power drive! Continue through to complete the tackle.
  • Be first up! Regain feet and recover the ball. 


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